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  The Petroleum Engineering Program has been offered by Politecnico di Torino for over 60 years (it was established in 1959). In time, it has been largely renewed to qualify top students from all over the world for challenging international careers in the oil and gas business. Today the Petroleum Engineering Program is offered fully in English. The Petroleum Engineering Program offers a MSc course and postgraduate education which reflect current best practices within the oil and gas industry on reservoir characterization and modeling, appraisal, reservoir simulation and development, integrated reservoir management. Classes are taught by professors of the Politecnico di Torino, but integrations on most technological aspects are provided by skilled professionals from the petroleum industry. The contribution of visiting professors is another qualifying aspect of the program. Because successful identification and exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves require the ability to operate in multi-disciplinary teams, students at all levels are provided with notions in other key subjects which are strictly related to petroleum engineering, such as geology, geophysics, applied mathematics, chemistry, HSE. Practical projects carried out during the courses on real data and case histories are also an opportunity for practicing with software and for becoming familiar with standards typically used in the petroleum industry.

Educational System

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General Description

Educational objectives of the program, Target roles and competencies of MSc graduates description of the educational activities and expected learning outcomes according to the Bologna process

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Semester Course Title Credits
First year
Petroleum Geology 6
Geophysical Prospecting 8
Petroleum Chemistry and Technology 6
Fluid Mechanics in Porous Media 10
Structural Mechanics / Petroleum Geomechanics 6+ 6
Resources and Environmental Economics 8
Reclamation of Polluted Sites 6
Risk Analysis 8
Second year
Well Drilling and Completion 10
Reservoir Engineering 10
Petrochemical Processes / Oil and Gas Production and Transport 6 + 6
Free Credits 8
Thesis 18
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 English proficiency

Important: be aware of the requirements about the English language proficiency. You cannot graduate unless you comply with one of the following options:

Italian proficiency

Important: be aware of the requirements about the Italian language proficiency. You cannot graduate unless you comply withthe following:



In place of the elective course you have the possibility to carry out an interniship at a company. The internship should last at least 5 weeks (200 working hours). A final report, signed by an academic tutor and by a company tutor, is also due to gain the credits.

Mandatory  Procedure -Contact the Stage and Job Office, collect and fill in the due documentation. - mail the form INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT AGREEMENT with all the relevant information, signed by your academic supervisor to Prof. Verga for preliminary approval. Notification of approval will be mailed to you at your university account.


The final thesis requires the development of a research project, which should contain innovative elements. The project can be undertaken at the University or at a Company. In all cases  the supervision of one of the Professors of the Program will be required.

The final thesis shall be submitted to the academic supervisor no less than 3 weeks before the graduation session. Failure to comply with this deadline implies that graduation shall not be granted.

Professional Training

Additional courses and workshops are offered within the Petroleum Engineering Program by oil and service companies. These educational activities are meant to integrate and/or to complement the content of the regular courses. Upcoming events


Politecnico di Torino gratefully acknowledges the following companies for providing academic licenses to their software so that students have the possibility of working with industry-standard software.