Internship FAQ

Below you will find Frequently Asked Questions on internship/professional training. Please read carefully before posting any issues.

What kind of document do I need to have or where should I submit all the documentation?

Please contact the Stage and Job Office.

Do I need any professor to be my supervisor (like for a thesis work) or should I work independently?

You shall choose an academic supervisor and a company tutor. They will arrange a project/activities for you to develop during the internship.

Who will be the person responsible to evaluate me and provide me marks

Internship is evaluated with pass/no pass (no marks are given). The academic tutor will evaluate your work; if the assessment is positive you will gain pass (for 8 free credits).

For how many days and how many hours per day do I have to work?Do I have to work on any specific topic?

8 credits correspond to 200 hours of professional training (your company and you will agree on how many hours per week). The topic can be decided among you, the academic supervisor and the company tutor.

Do I have to write a report on the activities carried out during the internship?

When the internship is finished, you shall write a Report (7-10 pages) to be signed for approval by the academic tutor and by the company tutor. A copy of this final report (duly signed) will have to be delivered to prof. Verga for official registration of the internship/professional training.

Can I work at my thesis during the internship?

Please, be aware that the internship/professional training corresponding to the 8 free credits can not be spent for preparing the final thesis.