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Thesis Opportunities

The final thesis requires the development of a research project, which should contain innovative elements. The project can be undertaken at the University or at a Company. In all cases  the supervision of one of the Professors of the Program will be required.

Internship Opportunities

In place of the elective course you have the possibility to carry out an internship at a company. The internship should last at least 5 weeks (200 working hours) for a total of 8 ECTS. 
A final report, signed by an academic tutor and by a company tutor, is also due to gain the credits.

Mandatory Procedure: Students must contact the Stag and Job Office, collect and fill in the due documentation, email the form INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT AGREEMENT with all relevant information, signed by your academic adviser to Professor Francesca Verga for preliminary approval.  Notification of approval will be emailed to your university account.

Professional Training

Additional courses and workshops are offered within the Petroleum Engineering Program by Petroleum or Service companies. These educational activities are meant to integrate or to complement the content of the regular courses. 

Graduation Procedures

Only students that have completed all exams and concluded the thesis may then be allowed to apply for graduation. The deadline for the Final Examination depends on the graduation session you wish to attend.

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SPE Student Chapter

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is an International Organization that aims to connect students with their sponsored chapter as well as provide students with the tools necessary to expand their knowledge and to strengthen their skills. Our chapter is active in the annual PetrolBowl competition, in 2017 we were Regional Qualifiers, as well as providing students access to the extensive OnePetro library of published papers and journals. 

To learn how to become a SPE member click the icon above or contact the chapter directly at

Politecnico di Torino

Corso Duca Degli Abruzzi, 24 

10129 Torino, Italy