2014 SPE PetroBowl – UPDATE

Held each year at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE),PetroBowl is a popular and much anticipated tournament-style contest for student chapters that tests their knowledge of SPE and the E&P industry.

Update: PetroBowl Pilot Regional Qualifier Competitions
Due to the overwhelming interest in PetroBowl, SPE is working to make this a truly global event. Our aim is to bring together the best teams from all over the world to compete in the PetroBowl Championship at ATCE. By launching regional qualifier competitions, we are working to ensure that in 2015, every student chapter has a chance to be involved.

This year we have selected two regions to run pilot qualifier competitions—Asia Pacific and Africa. We are inviting chapters from these regions to participate in the regional qualifier pilot competitions. Our aim is to use this pilot from 2014 to fine tune the format of the qualifier events for a global rollout in 2015.

We anticipate running more global competitions for ATCE 2015 after evaluation of the pilot events this year. The winners of each event will qualify for the PetroBowl Championship at ATCE 2015 in Houston, Texas, USA.

Please note: Because the regional qualifier competitions will pilot only in Asia Pacific and Africa this year, you should use the traditional way to register for the PetroBowl Championship at ATCE 2014 (details to be announced later).

For further information, email petrobowl@spe.org.

More details coming soon.

Get your game on!

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