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"After attending an exchange program in Romania that was partly sponsored by the SPE Chapter at Politecnico, I had a better understanding of what to expect from the Petroleum Industry"
Lebanese Student
"You have to work hard to do well at PoliTo and with the size of our classes it is easy to make strong connections. We were able to make this program and the study rooms a home away from home"
Chinese Student
"As a student, you can really appreciate the global scale of the Oil and Gas industry at PoliTo. This University has a strong reputation and is able to attract a wide range of International students"
American Student
"At first, the 3 hour lectures several times a week were tough to adjust to. However, this program has strong building blocks for engineers of all backgrounds to be successful in the Oil and Gas industry"
Russian Student
"By attending the MSc Petroleum and Mining Engineering, I had the opportunity to better understand the needs and the technical skills required, in order to develop a successful professional career in the industry"
Angolan Student
"I was very lucky to represent PoliTo at 2018 SPE PetroBowl Regionals in Poland. Being a member of the SPE board at PoliTo added to this experience even more, and the industry exposure was informational"
Colombian Student

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